Norwegian Pension Fund divests from coal

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Divestment Rally

"Money is only as useful as the world in which you can use it"

Brett Scott - activist turned broker turned activist ("I actively explored the financial sector for subversive purposes") - joined us in Brussels to speak about his vision on divestment: "Divestment campaigners claim a creative say in how the future will look like."


Be the tiger

Brett Scott perceives our relationship with the financial system as the one the boy Pi has with the tiger in Life of Pi: we cannot push the financial system out of the boat – we have to come to terms with it. We have to come as far as ride the tiger – learn about it, understand it as well as be the tiger: recognize it as a living creature, in many ways similar to us.


Come and hack the financial system with Brett Scott

FairFin and the Kaaitheater warmly invite you to a lecture by financial activist, former derivatives-broker and author Brett Scott May 18th at 19h30. Scott calls on people to explore the financial system, jam it and build alternatives so we have an answer ready when the next financial crisis hits.


EU project launches online database of community currencies

Yesterday, Community Currencies in Action, a European interreg project, launched an online database (www.community-currency.info) which gathers and provides information about Community Currencies. C-C.info is a giant step towards the creation of all-embracing guide about CCs, its developments worldwide and related subjects.


Dirty profits

FACING FINANCE is launching their new report entitled DIRTY PROFITS 3. The report documents sample cases of serious violations of internationally established norms and standards. It investigates 25 controversial companies and their investors, focussing on well-known European financial institutions.


Seminar: What possibilities for the States to stop the vulture funds?

Argentina has fallen prey to a bunch of hedge funds known as ’vulture funds’. Taking advantage of the precarious financial situations of some States, these vulture funds buy debts at a discounted price on a secondary market and then sue the debtors for the initial amount to which they add interests, penalties, and legal expenses. CADTM invites you to a seminar on how states can stop those funds.