About FairFin

The NGO FairFin promotes an environmentally and socially responsible approach to money, and strives for a just society.


Our campaigns show banks that they have to take responsibility for their investments. Banks invest in all kinds of activities, including weapons, military dictatorships, and companies that abuse human rights or pollute the environment. Banks use our savings and the money that we invest in them to make these investments. Netwerk makes the customers of banks aware of this, and asks banks to lay their cards on the table and stop unethical investments.

Investing in sustainability

FairFin informs and gives advice on ways of using money that benefit people, society, and the environment. Concretely, this means sustainable savings accounts, and investments in sustainable projects such as renewable energy and fair trade. As well as approaching individuals and organizations, FairFin also makes proposals for how the government can invest responsibly.

FairFin International

FairFin is active at the international level as part of BankTrack. FairFin is also a member of the International Association of Social Finance Organisations (INAISE), Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC) and International Coalition For A Ban on Uranium Weapon (ICBUW).