These successes took place thanks to our volunteers and financial supporters, and as a result of intensive cooperation with other organisations.


Netwerk Vlaanderen was present at the anti-coal finance conference in Washington
Mourning register containing 4000 autographs given to banks during coal funeral
BNP Paribas improves arms policy and rose in ranking banks
Netwerk Vlaanderen grills ING and Dexia during stakeholders meeting
New campaigner Mel takes on European coal financing


ING has a thorough policy regarding investments in weapons
Ban on cluster munitions definitive
Netwerk Vlaanderen chosen as 'BankTrack-organisation of the year' for the Banksecrets campaign
Around 500 visitors and celebrities at Vuurfeest in Ghent at launch of the Bankroet campaign and petition
Report 'Bankers on Tenterhooks' points out climate unfriendly investments by banks active in Belgium
Netwerk Vlaanderen organises a fruitful roundtable discussion with banks and NGO's on environmentally harmful investments
Update report 'Worldwide Investments in Cluster Munitions; a shared responsibility', launched in over 15 countries
Around 10 financial institutions worldwide take steps to desinvest from cluster munitions producers since the octobre 2009 launch
BNP Paribas withdraws from the Belene nuclear power plant project

Politics and civil society react to propositions for a socially responsible banking system
Broad coalition of umbrella organisations underwrites Netwerk Vlaanderen's proposals for socially responsible banking
Trade unions plead for ethical investments
Financial crisis: Netwerk Vlaanderen starts campaign for socially responsible banking
Launch platform against food speculation: KBC and Deutsche Bank react and argue not to propose these products to their clients any longer
Rising Bank performs ACE bank Wallonia
ACE bank known in Italy (through website Banca Etica)
Ranking of banks active in Belgium: how big is the risk for harmful investments?
Trade Unions and Netwerk join forces (November 2007)
Belgium approves a law banning investment in cluster munitions (March 2007)
AXA withdraws partially from companies producing landmines and cluster munitions (July 2007)
Open VLD and Groen! state that social, ecological and ethical criteria have a role to play in determining government investments (May 2007)
Dutch pension fund distances itself from cluster munitions (April 2007)
In France, Amnesty International and Handicap International break with AXA (March 2007)
KBC removes eleven producers of cluster munitions from its portfolio (April 2006)
Brussels opposes investments in Burma (April 2006)
KBC removes Total from its sustainable funds (June 2006)