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Help spread the message through our campaigns! You can do this in several ways:

Discover your bank's secrets at This site gives an overview of controversial investments made by banks. If you don’t want your bank to be involved in activities that are harmful for people or the planet, send an email. Ask your friends, family and anyone else you know to send an email as well, because the more emails that a bank receives, the stronger the pressure.

Become a member of our task force
Netwerk is looking for people to become active members of our task force. This enthusiastic group of staff, directors and volunteers work together to carry out social and symbolic actions as part of the campaign. If you would like to get involved, send an email and we will get in touch.

Talk to a bank employee
As bank customer, you have a right to know what the bank is doing with your money. Do you want to know which companies, projects or activities are receiving your money? Go along to your bank, and ask a bank employee.

This checklist can help you.

Make a donation
Maybe you don’t have enough time to get active in the campaign. In that case you can give a financial contribution to the campaign. Thanks to your donations, we can organise actions, realise our plans, and give our campaigns an international dimension. Big or small, all contributions are welcome. More info