In sustainability

If you not only want to support an alternative approach to money, but also want to put it into practice, consider an ethical, solidarity bank account. Money put on these accounts is used to finance companies that satisfy sustainability criteria, and organisations dealing with nature and environment, social economy, culture, welfare and international cooperation.

With this kind of solidarity savings account, you can save and without extra costs(!) benefit FairFin. FairFin receives a bonus every year based on the amount that you have put on the account. You can support FairFin in a structural way, without having to worry about administration.

It is also possible to give up a part of your interest in our benefit (interestafstand).

Sustainable saving to benefit FairFin can be done via:


The following accounts with the sustainable bank Triodos allow you to financially support FairFin:

Saving account at Triodos for FairFin
Juniorsaving account at Triodos for FairFin
Long term saving at Triodos for FairFin

Triodos Bank only finances companies, institutions and projects with a benefit in the social, environmental or cultural sector. It is able to do this with the backing of savers and investors that have chosen to support socially responsible and sustainable business.

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