Workshop 'Art of Financial Hacking'


Kaaitheater Studio's
81 rue Notre Dame du Sommeil
1000 Brussel

In this extensive four-day workshop, Paolo Cirio, Brett Scott, and Luce Goutelle will take you on a journey into the dark heart of finance, showcase previous investigations and interventions into the financial sector, and explore the cracks in the European district of Brussels, the heart of Europe's financial lobby. They will then guide you in building your own financial art-hacks.

The financial sector often appears daunting and impenetrable to outsiders. We look on the huge skyscrapers and imagine bankers using obscure language and complex mathematical models to move money around the globe, influencing politicians and pulling strings behind closed doors. The sector, however, is far more permeable than it may seem, and since the financial crisis we have seen a rise in artists, activists and anthropologists intent on exploring the sector, looking for cracks and opportunities for interventions and creative alternatives. Can you build a hedge fund as a way to infiltrate into the inner workings of the sector, or can you design an algorithm that jams the traditional logic of markets? What about going undercover, or using the sector as the setting for installations or interactive theatre?

The workshop welcomes all people with a curiosity in exploring finance and is aiming for a diversity of participants, e.g. adventurous artists, hackers, activists, performers, filmmakers, researchers, designers, students, and so on. Taking a deep dive into the world of finance and the city of Brussels, the financial heart of Europe, this event is a follow up from the workshop during Economia Festival organised by Baltan Laboratories in Eindhoven.

This event is co-organised by Baltan Laboratories and Unbewitch Finance Lab with the support of Fund For Creative Industries NL, Finance Watch, Kaaitheater, Fairfin, La Bellone, Tragewegen and Corporate Europe Observatory.

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