Who is FairFin?

Today's money determines the world of tomorrow.

FairFin is a socio-cultural organization that has been encouraging people for 35 years to use money as a means of social change. FairFin is a critical voice in the current financial system and an incubator for an alternative, fair financial system.

A fair financial system, que?

For us, a financial system is fair if it is at the service of society and not the other way around. Our ultimate goal is a sustainable and socially just society. Equal distribution of wealth, both for current and future generations.

What we do

In our policy plan (2016 - 2020) we describe how we:

  • Make people aware of the role of money and the financial system
  • Want to change the financial system effectively
  • Encourage people and organizations to make a fair investment with their money

You may know us from campaigns about controversial weapons, Ace Bank, Bank Guide, Move Your Money Week, Belfius Is Van Ons and Sustainable Pension. We have been organizing Bank2Basics debates since the financial crisis. From our womb the social crowdfunding platform Socrowd and the community coin network Muntuit sprouted.

Our position

Our theme is HUGE and you will not see us responding to all current events concerning money and the financial system. What we are concerned about is:

  • greenwashing vs. really sustainable investment
  • unilateral financial education
  • public control on banks


FairFin was founded in 1982 as a pluralistic organization under the name Netwerk Vlaanderen. Our FairFin today consists of a team of seven people working from the Brussels office. The Board of Directors consists of ten volunteers, who sit there in a personal capacity. We have 500 members, 3000 people who read our newsletter and a small group of volunteers who help us with training, translations and campaigns. FairFin works together a lot with other organizations. We are members of the Belgian Climate Coalition, Fair Finance Guide International, BankTrack, FAN, VEF and Netwerk Bewust Verbruiken.

FairFin largely derives its income from a subsidy from the Flemish government. In addition, we receive a subsidy for the BankWijzer project through SIDA (the Swedish Ministry for Development Cooperation). This income is supplemented with donations and membership fees.

To contact us, write an email to info@fairfin.be.

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